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io-groupWelcome to the world of IndianOil, a diversified, integrated energy major with presence in almost all the streams of oil, gas, petrochemicals and alternative energy sources; a world of high-calibre people, state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge R&D; a world of best practices, quality-consciousness and transparency; and a world where energy in all its forms is tapped most responsibly and delivered to the consumers most affordably.

Energising the Nation’s Ascent
India's highest rank Energy PSU in Fortune-500 list (Rank 142), IndianOil recorded Revenue from Operations of ₹7,28,460 Crores and a net profit of ₹24,184 Crores for the financial year 2021-22.
As a Brand with one of the largest customer interfaces in India, IndianOil reaches precious petroleum fuels to every nook and corner of the country through its network of over 58,000 plus customer touch-points, surmounting the challenges of tough terrain, climate and accessibility. 
Being The Energy of India is about IndianOil's business interests encompassing the entire hydrocarbon value chain- from refining, pipeline transportation & marketing, to exploration & production of crude oil & gas, petrochemicals, gas marketing, alternative energy sources and globalisation of downstream operations.
Being The Energy of India is also about IndianOil's global aspirations, fulfilled to an extent by the formation of subsidiaries in several countries, including Sri Lanka, Mauritius, the UAE. It is about pursuing diverse business interests by setting up multiple strategic joint ventures with reputed business partners from India and abroad to explore global opportunities.
IndianOil's cross-country pipeline network facilitates crude oil transportation to refineries and finished products to high-demand centres in an efficient, economical, and environment-friendly manner. The network has been globally benchmarked as the safest, cost-effective, energy-efficient and environment friendly and stands as a firm testimony to our engineering brilliance.
The marketing network is bolstered by 70.05 MMTPA of Refining Capacity and more than 15,000 KM of cross-country pipelines.
Indian Oil has over 34,000 Fuel Stations spread across India, fuelling the dreams and aspirations of around 30 million Indians every day.
For IndianOil, all customers, bulk or retail, are equal and have the right to quality products and efficient services. With this belief, the IndianOil team reaches Indane LPG cooking gas right up to the doorsteps of households through a network of over 12,700 distributors catering to more than 140 million customers. The Corporation is promoting LPG aggressively as a clean cooking fuel across socio-economic divides. IndianOil's Aviation Service commands a majority market share in aviation fuel, serving national and international flag carriers, private airlines and the Indian defence services with equal efficiency.
The countrywide marketing network is backed for supplies by 118 bulk storage terminals and depots and 95 LPG bottling plants, besides 121 aviation fuel stations and 10 lube blending plants. As the 'company of choice' for millions of customers from diverse segments, IndianOil has also built up a portfolio of leading energy brands, including Indane LPG cooking gas, SERVO lubricants, XP100 a 100-Octane petrol, XtraTej, PROPEL petrochemicals, etc. Besides the corporate brand, both SERVO and Indane are over 50-year-old brands and have earned the coveted Superbrand status.
Indian Oil is one of the leading Petrochemical players in India with a petrochemical production capacity of nearly 3200 KTA.
IndianOil's sprawling R&D Centre at Faridabad, one of Asia's finest in downstream petroleum R&D, offers competitive advantage to the Corporation through world-class technology and process solutions and innovative products. With over six decades of pioneering work in lubricants formulation, refinery processes and pipeline transportation, the Centre has over 1160 effective patents.
Over 1000 grades of lubricants developed by R&D are marketed under the super lubricant brand name "SERVO" encompassing every conceivable application for complete lubrication solutions in the automotive, industrial and marine segments. The centre further act as a solution provider to the rising demand for innovative lubricants to achieve fuel economy & energy efficiency, especially for the Indian Defense Forces, by indigenising the specialised products. We have also demonstrated our innovative prowess in development of basket of technologies, highly relevant in the emerging scenario, and their successful commercialization.
Upstream integration into E&P defines IndianOil's vision to bolster its energy security by way of strategic investments in oil equity across the globe. The Upstream portfolio consists of 9 domestic and 11 overseas assets. With an upstream integration ratio over 5% and a balanced portfolio of producing, discovered and exploration assets, the Corporation has achieved significant progress in terms of 2P reserves, production volumes, equity oil and revenues.
Besides a concerted focus on refinery expansions, new technologies for clean fuels & enhanced outputs, and refinery-petrochemicals integration, IndianOil is aggressively leveraging its R&D expertise to move into horizon technologies like 2G & 3G ethanol, bio-fuels, coal gasification, H-CNG, Green Hydrogen, Hydrogen fuel cells, battery technologies, etc. These technologies, along with cleaner fuels and higher engine efficiencies, can offer sustainable solutions to today's energy challenges.Indian Oil is the leading promoter of the Govt Of India's SATAT (Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation) scheme. First Indian company to start CBG marketing under the brand name "IndiGreen".
Indian Oil also chieved the milestone of installing over 2000 EV charging stations at IndianOil Fuel Stations across the country.
Indian Oil is undertaking research in all facets of hydrogen, including production, storage and applications like fuel cells. To set up Green Hydrogen Plants at IndianOil refineries in Mathura and Panipat. IndianOil is also forging crucial partnerships to strengthen the Green Hydrogen ecosystem in the country.

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IndianOil is the flagship Petroleum Company of India. It is ranked 117th among the world's largest corporates in Fortune's 'Global 500' listing.