IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd presently enjoys a retail presence of 20 retail outlets throughout the Island with 5 strategically located filling stations along the motorway. IOML started physical operation in the year 2004 and in the lapse of 10 years IOML still places same interest in construction of new filling station across the island and to locate itself in every part and every heart..


IOML is constantly innovating in terms of equipment and services at its retail outlets.

Highly powerful and accurate Dispensing Units are put at the disposal of our valued customers with the possibility of auto generation of receipt as a method of control.

Safety and Security of our staffs and customers are among our main concerns, adequate training and counseling are given to our staffs for the proper handling of Petroleum Products.

To ensure quality and quantity being supplied at each retail outlet, our laboratory department undertakes rigorous inspection at each filling station on a monthly basis. IOML has the unique advantage of being the only petroleum company in Mauritius, having a fully equipped in house Quality Control Laboratory to continuously monitor the quality of all types of fuels. The laboratory is also ISO 9001-2008 certified and has successfully participated in ASTM inter-laboratory proficiency program.

With the opening of the Mahebourg Retail Outlet in December 2013, IOML has envisaged to bring a green touch to its retail infrastructure by making this new Retail outlet self-powered by solar energy through photovoltaic panels.

IOML’s service stations are strategically positioned and are aimed at improving your convenience in your daily life by bringing energy at your doorstep.

*Retail outlets are also locally termed as “Service Station”, “Filling station” or simply “Filling”

Our existing Retail Outlets are present at the following locations:

Station No. Location
1 Bonne Terre, Vacoas
2 Bel Air Riviere Seche,St Michel
3 Brisée Verdiere
4 Flacq, Le Verger
5 GRNW, Port-Louis
6 Highlands-Wooton, Motorway
7 L’Amitie, Riviere Du Rempart
8 Palma
9 Pailles-Soreze, Motorway
10 Petite Riviere
11 Souillac
12 Terre Rouge (St Joseph Rd)
13 Union Park
14 Le Hochet, Terre Rouge
15 Quartier Militaire
16 La Vigie, Motorway
17 Calebasses
18 Motorway M2, Terre Rouge
19 Mahebourg
20 Verdun
21 Calodyne

landmarkRetail Development

IOML is constantly in search for potential land to be converted in Retail outlet, we offer various proposals for filling station construction based on retail potentials. We ensure that promoters get the value for their land and get the maximum return out of the business.