consumerIOML has a major presence in the Commercial & Industrial Consumers sector, supplying the energy requirements of major leading companies of the island.

IOML provides petroleum products in bulk to various local business sectors such as:

1. Transport industry
2. Building and construction contractors
3. Manufacturing sector (textile, steel, bakery) - EPZ or Non-EPZ
4. Hotels, Leisure & Entertainment Parks
5. Government and parastatal institutions

IOML plays a significant role in the modernization of the island and its nearby sister islands by being the privileged fuel supplier for the Metro project and the Agalega Island development project.

IOML is also the fuel and lubricant supplier to contractors involved in the ‘Construction of Low and Medium Cost Housing projects’ of the Government of Mauritius.

IOML also has specialized distribution network known as ‘Delivery at your Doorstep’, through its’ appointed diesel distributors, who supplies diesel to bakeries and construction sites where big trucks do not have easy access.


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