IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd - IOML is an active bunker supplier since the year 2004 in the Port of Port Louis Mauritius.

bunkering-smallWithin its short existence in Mauritius, IOML has become a major player in bunkering segment. To ensure highest quality The fully automated State of the Art Terminal has dedicated pipelines for each type of fuel it handles. For bunkering IOML has laid 200 mm dia pipelines for both Fuel Oil and Gas Oil on its quays of operation. To reduce bunkering time, IOML has installed high capacity pumps that can deliver Fuel Oil (180cst) at a rate of 125 cubic M/Hr, and Gas Oil 2500 ppm at a rate of 75 cubic M/Hr. This is significantly higher than the pumping rate given by other local suppliers.

IOML also provides offshore bunkering service through a Barge. Bunker supplies can also be provided by trucks in the port.

Fuel Grades

IOML is able to offer the following marine fuels:

  • Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) 180 centistokes (RME)
  • Marine Gas Oil (MGO) (DMA)

Product specs can be provided upon request.



IOML markets different grades of SERVO Marine Lubricants. Given below is a list of the grades currently available in Port Louis. In case required, Main Engine Oils, Auxiliary Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils and Compressor Oils can be arranged. Supply is possible at berth and anchorage.


SERVO Marine 0530
SERVO Marine k 1030
SERVO Marine 3030 & 3040
SERVO Marine k 4040
SERVO Marine 7050
SERVO Super DS 40

IOML Expire Infrastructure
Quay Length (m) Dredged Depth (m)
Q 1 123 12.2
Q 2 180 12.2
Q 3 185 12.2
Q 4 185 12.2
Mauritius Freeport Development (MFD) 118 7
Mauritius Container Terminal 1 (MCT 1) 280 14
Mauritius Container Terminal 2 (MCT 2) 280 14
New Oil Jetty (NOJ) 270 14.5