Port Louis Harbour

harbour-smallLocated on the North-West coast, the port of Port Louis is the only commercial harbour of Mauritius. It is situated at the capital city of Port Louis, which is also the administrative and economic centre-point of the country.

The port is a deep natural harbour sheltered by a wide range of volcanic mountains. It has a long and colourful history, which dates as far back as 1721 when the then French Governor, Mahé de Labourdonnais, established Port Louis as a fortified harbour. Later, the British also realized the importance of Port Louis, which they converted into a naval base and merchant shipping port.

Port Louis Harbour is strategically situated in the Indian Ocean on the shipping routes linking Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. As the principal gateway of the country, the port plays a vital role in the national economy by handling about 99% of the total volume of the country's external trade. Over the past two decades, the port has been transformed into an economic nerve centre, with modern port facilities, a dynamic Freeport, excellent port based facilities together with impressive waterfront developments.