petrocardThe PetroCard is the fastest and easiest way to fill up your fuel tank.

PetroCard is issued in collaboration with the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd; the Number one bank in Mauritius. You can purchase your product(s) just with a single swipe and avoid the hassle of cash handling. You may fix your own credit limit and you can also purchase Servo lubricants using the PetroCard. The PetroCard is available for both Individual and corporate customers.

Besides individual customers, Corporate customer can also benefit from the PetroCard. It helps organisations better manage your fleet providing precise information about your vehicles’ consumption, time of refueling and much more. It can be swiped at any IndianOil retail outlet and detailed statements about every refueling is provided for each and every card.

Download our advert and learn about all the benefits of using a PetroCard.

For Further information and application, please feel free to call on 2172710.