The petroleum products distributed by IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd are:

fuelsMotor Gasoline 

Motor Gasoline, also known as gasoline or petrol, is a fuel primarily used for spark-ignition engines in cars and other small vehicles. It is a volatile mixture of hydrocarbons derived from crude oil through refining processes. Gasoline is designed to have a high-octane rating, which indicates its resistance to knocking or pinging in high compression ratio engines. It is a flammable liquid that is typically colorless but often dyed orange for identification purposes. IOML delivers MoGas by road in tank trucks of 25,000-liter capacity or in tanktainers of various capacities. The latest product specifications are available at www.stcmu.com

Gas Oil 

Gas Oil, also known as diesel fuel or diesel oil, is a type of petroleum distillate fuel. It is commonly used as fuel for various applications, including trucks, buses, machinery, generators, agricultural equipment, and rail transport. Gas Oil is specifically designed for use in diesel engines, which operate on compression ignition rather than spark ignition like gasoline engines. It has a higher energy density than gasoline and is more suitable for applications that require higher torque and fuel efficiency. Gas Oil is typically characterized by its low volatility and higher cetane number, which indicates its ignition quality. IOML can deliver Gas Oil by road in tank trucks of 25,000-liter capacity or in tanktainers of various capacities. The latest product specifications are available at www.stcmu.com

Jet Aviation Fuel (Jet A1)

Jet Aviation Fuel, commonly known as jet fuel or aviation turbine fuel (ATF), is a specialized type of fuel used primarily for aviation purposes. It is specifically formulated for use in jet engines, which power aircraft such as commercial airliners, military jets, and private planes.

Jet fuel is a colorless, combustible liquid derived from crude oil through refining processes. The most common type of jet fuel used worldwide is known as JET A-1, which is a kerosene-based fuel. JET A-1 is characterized by its low freezing point and high flash point, making it suitable for use in a wide range of operating conditions. The latest product specifications are available at www.stcmu.com

IOML can deliver Jet A1 in 43,000-liter bowser or tanktainers of various capacities. At the airport, JIP does the refueling to aircraft on behalf of IOML.

Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO)

Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) is a type of fuel oil that has a significantly reduced sulfur content compared to traditional fuel oils. It is designed to meet stringent environmental regulations that limit the sulfur emissions from marine vessels and other industrial applications.

VLSFO is used in a variety of applications, including marine bunkering, industrial machinery, steam and diesel power generation boilers, and large industrial heating plants. It is a residual fuel oil derived from crude oil refining processes, but it undergoes additional treatment to lower its sulfur content to meet regulatory requirements.

The sulfur content in VLSFO is typically capped at 0.5% or even lower, depending on regional or international regulations. By reducing sulfur emissions, VLSFO helps to mitigate air pollution, minimize environmental impact, and improve air quality. IOML can supply VLSFO by barge or pipeline based on the requirement. The company supplies it on a 24x7 basis. The product specifications as per ISO 8217:2017 RMG 380.

Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Marine Gas Oil (MGO) is a type of fuel specifically formulated for use in marine vessels. It is a distillate fuel oil derived from crude oil through refining processes. MGO is designed to meet the specific requirements of smaller to medium-sized marine engines, auxiliary units, and ship's engines.

MGO is characterized by its lower sulfur content and higher energy density compared to other marine fuels. The properties of MGO are regulated to ensure its suitability for use in marine applications. It meets specific industry standards, such as the ISO 8217:2017 DMA for marine fuels.

MGO is commonly used in smaller vessels, such as coastal ships, fishing boats, and yachts. It is also used in auxiliary units and smaller engines on larger vessels.

IOML can supply MGO through various means, including tank trucks, barges, or pipelines, depending on the requirement of the customer. Similar to other marine fuels, MGO can be obtained on a 24x7 basis to meet the continuous fueling needs of marine operations.


IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd supplies lubricants under the SERVO brand for industrial, marine, and retail applications. SERVO is the largest selling lubricant brand in India.


Additionally, the company supplies various grades of petrochemicals under the PROPEL brand, which are imported from India.


In terms of procurement, the State Trading Corporation (STC), operating under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Consumer Protection (MIC), has had a monopoly on petroleum product imports since 1985. STC is responsible for importing all the country's requirements of petroleum products. However, the import of bunker fuels has been partially liberalized by the Government of Mauritius, allowing bunker fuels to be procured via both the State Trading Corporation and third parties. On behalf of the oil industry, STC imports Mogas, Gas Oil, Marine Gas Oil, Jet A1, and fuel (VLSFO and HSFO) products from the international market through global tenders. Oil companies provide their demand for each tanker (usually in MR vessel - 38 TMT), and based on the demand from each company, the products are loaded and transported to Mauritius on a delivered-at-place (DAP) basis.

Upon arrival of the tanker at the New Oil Jetty of Port Louis Harbour/Quay-1, the products are pumped out of the tanker and delivered through pipelines into shore tanks situated in the Port Area. These tanks are owned and operated individually or jointly in the Port Area by local oil companies.

Moreover IOML procures Bunker Fuel( VLSFO and MGO) from Spot market from various sources. Lubricant and Petrochemical products are imported from India.