The petroleum products distributed by IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd are:

fuelsMotor Gasoline 

This is a premium grade fuel with a high octane rating that is for use on high compression ratio spark-ignition engines of cars and other small vehicles. Mogas is naturally colourless but is dyed orange for identification.

Gas Oil 

  •  50 PPM- Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. As of June 2012, 50 ppm diesel is now standard across all filling stations, in a bid to reduce pollution.

  •  1000/2500 PPM – Marine Gas Oil is supplied only to marine vessels calling to Port Louis, for bunkering purposes.

Dual Product Kerosene 

DPK is a kerosene grade of fuel suitable for turbine engine (jet) aircraft.

Fuel Oil 180 CST 

These are a range of residual oils used for a wide range of applications, e.g. marine bunkering, industrial machinery, steam and diesel power generation boilers, and large industrial heating plants.  In marine sector, the fuel oil is termed IFO.


Petroleum products for the local market and aviation segment are currently sourced through the State Trading Corporation. The import of bunker fuels has been partially liberalised by the Government of Mauritius. As such, bunker fuels are procured via both the State Trading Corporation as well as third parties.
STC imports some 1.2 million mt of 7 categories of petroleum products, namely :
White Oils : MOGAS 95 RON, GAS OIL 50 ppm Sulphur, GAS OIL 2,500 ppm Suphur (Marine Gas Oil), JET A1
Fuel Oils : FUEL OIL 180 CST CC, FUEL OIL 180 CST SR and FUEL OIL 380 CST SR
All these products are sold to four Oil Companies engaged in storage and distribution to meet domestic market needs across Mauritius as well as the international markets for aviation and bunker fuels. STC also covers the needs of the Central Electricity Board in Fuel Oils for power generation.


Current Prices
Motor Gasoline

MUR 74.10/L
Gas Oil

MUR 54.55/L
PRICE STRUCTURE wef 14 September 2022