lab-mixThe IOML laboratory situated at Mer Rouge, Port-Louis has been set up in 2006 with an investment of US $ 1 million. The laboratory caters for the testing needs of IOML Terminal and extends its services to other petroleum companies and to the general customer at very competitive prices.

The laboratory is organized and managed in such a way that the quality assurance system adopted meets the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. The laboratory has set up its quality system and is already ISO 9001:2000 certified. The laboratory follows international standards such as ASTM, IP, ISO and other approved methods in carrying out testing. The laboratory is continuously updated on latest editions and is always in line with latest regulations.

In addition, IOML laboratory participates in Inter-laboratory correlation and its performance is compared to other well known petroleum testing laboratories in the world.
IOML laboratory also benefits from the close working relationship with Research and Development (R&D) Centre of parent company Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. at Faridabad, India. R&D Centre is one of its kinds in Asia and is a major technological development centre of international repute in the downstream areas of lubricants, pipelines and refining processes. It has a rich reservoir of highly qualified/specialized scientists.

Parameters Tested
Aluminium Aromatics Ash Calcium Residue
Carbon Residue on 10% Residue CCAI Cetane Index CFPP
Cloud point Colour Conductivity Copper Corrosion Density
Distillation Silver Corrosion Smoke point Specific Energy Spot Test
Strong Acid Number Sulphur Total Acid Number Total Acidity Total Base Number
Total Sediment Existent/Potential Vanadium Water Water reaction interface rating

Product Tested

The laboratory has the capability to test a wide range of petroleum products namely Jet A1, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Motor Gasoline and lubricants.

lab-mix2Jet A1

Aviation fuel as Jet A1 grade is tested as per the latest issues of British DEF Stan 91-91, ASTM 1655 and AFQRJOS. These tests are important to guarantee its suitability for use in Aircrafts. Off-specification fuels can ruin expensive engines, and cost the lives of many individuals.

Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil is tested as per the latest issue of ISO 8217. This type of fuel is mostly used for Marine Bunkering. The laboratory provides additional support for Marpol Annex VI compliance.  
Gas Oil & Motor Gasoline

These products are tested to ensure their conformance to local standards. The laboratory personnel also carry out regular inspection at IndianOil retail outlet to guarantee that the purity of the products is maintained.


The laboratory is equipped to carry out lubricants testing. Continuous suitability of the lubricants for a specific purpose can be monitored. Specifies when discarding limits are attained.

Onsite Services

IOML laboratory provides on-site services. The laboratory is equipped to carry out pre-discharge tests on tanker arrivals to ensure conformance of the fuels to specifications.

The laboratory is equipped with modern sampling devices to ensure that representative samples are taken with all the necessary precautions.


The Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipment of latest technology from internationally recognized manufacturers such as:

  • ISL
  • Normalab
  • Cannon
  • Carbolite