About Servo

SERVO is India's largest selling lubricant brand with over 450 grades. SERVO range of lubricants is fast emerging as a Global Brand with wide acceptance in UAE, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Yemen, Kenya, Kuwait, Burkina Faso, Reunion Islands and other markets. SERVO has been designated as a SUPERBRAND.

At a time of great technological specialization, in which the evolution of engines has led to the lubricant becoming a real component of the engine, the vast and diverse range of SERVO lubricants is able to provide the right response to the lubrication needs of every engine and the needs of each user.

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From motorcycle engines to the most sophisticated sports vehicles, from powerful diesel trucks to agricultural tractors, from electrical energy generation turbines to the giant engines for ship propulsion; for each application, there is always a SERVO product able to ensure high performance, long service, complete user satisfaction and absolute respect for the environment. SERVO range of lubricants enjoys approvals from major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

IndianOil has a non exhaustive list of automotive lubricants, some of which are listed below.

Passenger Car Motor Oils Two Stroke 2/3 Wheeler Oils Radiator Coolant
Diesel Engine Oils Gear Oils Grease
Tractor Oils Automatic Transmission Fluids Hydrolic Oil
Four Stroke 2/3 Wheeler Oils Brake Fluid