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Land Requisition - IOML is looking for suitable plot of land in the following regions of Grand Bay, Tamarin, Port Louis, Beau Bassin/ Rose Hill and Curepipe to construct additional petroleum product filling stations. Interested Individuals, cooperatives or institutions who own the land befitting commercial use may submit the application for consideration.

The ideal site should have the following characteristics:

  • Preferred plot Size – 1200 Sq Metres Area; 40M (length) X 30M (depth). Smaller sites may be considered if strategically located.
  • The frontage of the land should be abutting the main road. Land should be plain and more or less at the ground level.
  • Land should be free from any encumbrances/encroachments (i.e. land should not be burdened by any fixed or floating charge)

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Any further information on mode of application, procedures & financial implication for the setting up of a filling station should be addressed to the following in writing:

The Marketing Manager
IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd
Mer Rouge, Port-Louis

Tel: (230) 2172710
Fax : (230) 2175500
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